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Aligning Visions has worked with many wonderful clients over the years. The following clients, and many others, have kindly offered to share their experiences:  

Upper Amazon Conservancy

Paquita, your in-depth interviews and exchanges with our board members and partners have resulted in great recommendations for our institutional growth.   I’m so glad you were able to facilitate the retreat with ProPurús staff in Pucallpa and grateful that you invested so thoroughly in understanding the opportunities and issues we are dealing with in our effort to protect the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon headwaters.  I look forward to working with you again!

Chris Fagan, Executive Director, Upper Amazon Conservancy  

World Wildlife Fund US

I just read through your evaluation on our freshwater climate change adaptation work. It’s fantastic! The way you frame the issues, discuss the finding, and link them logically to the lessons learned and recommendations is extremely clear and engaging. Your report touches on so many of the issues the adaptation community within the WWF Network have been discussing for the past two years (or more!). This report has real potential to help us shape future programs.

                                                                                             Eliot Levine, Senior Program Officer, Adaptation Program, WWF-US  

Mexican Natural Protected Area System 

Paquita, It has been a pleasure working with you on the Independent Evaluation of the Consolidation of the Mexican National Protected Areas System Project. Your vast experience, rapid learning, pertinent questions, friendly engagement and careful analysis allowed for essential insights that allow us now to reflect, enrich and enjoy this project that is so close to our hearts. Thank you for the intellectual feast and for providing our protected areas with the great insights of a first class world consultant.

Renée Montagut González, Director Conservation Programs, Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN)

Coral Triangle Center

Paquita has done a fabulous job in helping the Coral Triangle Center to move forward on strategic planning and institutional development during this critical phase of transition to an independent regional training and learning center based in Indonesia. Her inspiration, energy, strategic advice and commitment have been absolutely instrumental in getting the Coral Triangle Center up and running.
Rili Djohani, Executive Director, Coral Triangle Center

Tropical Forest Conservation Act 

Paquita’s Spanish language fluency, cultural and political sensitivity, knowledge of the subject matter and recognized leadership resulted in a very high quality evaluation of the Guatemalan environmental fund capitalized under the USG Enterprise for the Americas Initiative (EAI) and the Tropical Forest Conservation ACT (TFCA). The evaluation received a significant amount of stakeholder ownership which continues to drive program improvements.

Scott Lampman, Director, EAI/TFCA Secretariat, USAID/EGAT

Conservation Coaches Network

Paquita, you did a GREAT job helping us with our strategic plan.  You are an amazing listener, a great writer, you have a huge amount of energy and will work as much as you can to get the job done. And you are a lot of fun to work with. You don’t get prickly when things get hairy. These are things I would add to the list of reasons that I would hire you again and again.

Jora Young, Conservation Coaches Network Coordinator

Conservation Finance Alliance

Paquita worked with the Conservation Finance Alliance to organize the design and early population of an online  “Tool Kit” for environmental funds. She collected over 200 documents from 28 funds from around the world and organized them for web access to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building. Paquita took full advantage of her deep knowledge of organizational capacity building, her strong contacts within the environmental fund community, and her passion for knowledge sharing across boundaries to advance this project. Most of all, she was able to engage the project’s committee, composed of four busy people from different countries, with her focused and practical way of working. We’re very happy that we selected her to this project and hope to work with her again in future projects!
Camila Monteiro, Conservation Finance Alliance Secretariat, FUNBIO, Brazil

The Summit Foundation

Our deepest gratitude to you, Paquita, for your outstanding work in combining facilitation and technical assistance – all in one – at this very important juncture in the development of the leadership program. I hope we continue to get the benefit of your experience and knowledge as the program takes off…”
Carlos Saavedra, Executive Director

The Nature Conservancy, Global Partnerships

Paquita created a comprehensive “book" on good practices in partnership. Paquita is an absolute sleuth, she tracked down every conceivable person and resource, and then she organized a teeming mass of information into logical, manageable pieces (See www.conservationgateway.org  and look through the Conservation Partnership Center). She has seemingly limitless energy and is an excellent project manager, driving multiple subsets of team members in a friendly but determined way that elicited the best possible responses from everyone involved. The project finished on time, and Paquita was very conscientious about cost management. I would hire Paquita again in a heartbeat.

Olivia Millard, Director, Global Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy

Additional references for Aligning Visions are available upon request: Paquita@aligningvisions.com or call 530-412-0165.