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I have worked with many organizations over the years on governance issues and board-staff relations: facilitating planning meetings; managing board retreats; and providing technical assistance on governance. I lead webinars on Board Development, provide workshops for staff and board members around the world, and facilitate "Recruiting High-Voltage Boards" for Audubon California and "Boarding in Tahoe," programs designed for local volunteers to understand and embrace their board roles.  In 2017, I wrote a comparative study of the governance structure of three regional environmental funds and developed a facilitated training program to help all of them learn from each other and improve their governance structure. 

As  the author of  Meaningful Nonprofit Boards: A How-to Guide and co-author of Rumbo al Exito (a guide to nonprofit board development in Latin America), a Board member myself, and a grateful student of Board Source, I have a long-standing commitment to great boards and huge respect for nonprofit board members.  Board members want to know that their actions are helping to advance the organization's mission.  Aligning Visions strives to ensure that clear roles, straightforward processes, and meaningful governance work, enable board members to feel passionately connected to their mission through effective contributions. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Paquita on a number of occasions and from the perspective of different organizations.  All of her work products – from the early planning through the final documents – have been high quality.  She is a wonderful facilitator, guiding processes and discussions to concrete agreements wherein everyone feels comfortable.  I think one of her best qualities is that she can distill participant inputs into useful products that allow organizations to move forward, whether for a strategic plan, a work plan or in managing the delicate balance needed for governance decisions.

 María José González, Executive Director, MAR Fund

Paquita was a superb facilitator in helping Birds Caribbean create a new strategic plan.  With thirteen Board members from various Caribbean countries, Paquita was full of energy and ideas to keep us focused.  She is extremely knowledgeable and has obvious expertise in the field of strategic planning.  Her well prepared programme of discussions, break-out groups and group presentations, including "tough love" when needed, kept us fully engaged and motivated. 

Howard Nelson, then President, Birds Caribbean

Paquita, you were an excellent communicator and facilitator for our meeting on regional governance structures.  You got us involved from the beginning – we never had time to sit back.  The workshop was excellent and I can tell you put all of your energy into it.  You wrung us dry with the many exercises and challenges, but upon reflection I can see how much we learned.  Your name alone is a door to new learning and adventure for me.

Josefina Gómez, Planning Director, MARENA, Dominican Republic

Please contact Aligning Visions to discuss your Board development goals: Paquita@aligningvisions.com or 530-214-0565. 

With the Board and staff of the Coral Triangle Center, Indonesia 2010