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Paquita’s vision, sensitivity and extensive experience in organizational capacity building motivated us to initiate the transformation of CEAMSO.  It helped us to not fear change and to build a process to improve our efficiency to be a leading organization committed to development, social equity and transparency. 

 María Ofelia Yegros López, Executive Director, Center for Environmental and Social Studies, CEAMSO, Paraguay  

My career has been built on the premise that long-term conservation is best achieved by active, autonomous and place-based organizations. Investments in capacity building are designed to raise the organizational and technical skills needed to engender greater conservation effectiveness.  I have published a number of practical books and developed many associated training and coaching programs to assist organizations with capacity building, particularly in the areas of:

To assist my clients, I develop appreciative assessments, training modules and manuals to meet their needs.  Examples include: 

Helping organizations undertake self-assessments and identify the areas where they most want to increase their proficiency is often Aligning Vision's most important contribution. Once organizations are clear about where capacity investments are needed, I enjoy working with them to develop the systems, customized training, and leadership development opportunities to support new behaviors and practices.

Capacity building is always a work in progress as all organizations adapt to changing conditions and heightened expectations.  However, there is no question that  organizations can grow their capacity to have greater conservation impact over time - an inspiring challenge and realistic goal! 

Transforming our relationship with the 48 grassroots chapters of Audubon in California is a priority for our organization. A key piece of that has been offering a capacity- building program led by Paquita. She did an outstanding job from conception to implementation and we met or exceeded all of our goals in the first year of a two-year program. Our chapter leaders accepted her as one of our own, and her people skills are extraordinary, a key component. Not only strategic, experienced and results-oriented, but Paquita is fun to work with.

Garry George, Chapter Network Director, Audubon California.

To discuss capacity-building goals and tools, please contact:

 Paquita@aligningvisions.com or call 530-214-0565.

Working with clients in country -  Guatemala