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Aligning Visions publications are "how-to" manuals full of practical tools for conservation nonprofits.  It is a pleasure and great privilege to work on new materials with different clients and keep improving and evolving core ideas that repeatedly surface over the years. In some cases, clients ask for program assessments, papers or publications that are, by their nature, confidential.  However, in other  cases, helping a client develop the materials they need, provides useful fodder for other organizations as well.   These publications, are not peer-reviewed in the scientific publication sense, but are constantly being tested, and frankly, are always works in progress.   I hope some of the ideas will be helpful to you.  Thanks to the clients who encourage this work! 

Partial list of publicly-available publications:

§  Recruiting High Voltage Boards – Audubon California                                                                        2014

§  MAR Leadership Resource Book:  Launching Innovative Conservation Projects FMCN                2013

§  Participatory Strategic Planning:  A How-To Guide for Nonprofits Aligning Visions                        2013

§  Meaningful Nonprofit Boards: A How-To Guide – Aligning Visions                                                     2013

§  Monitoring Impact on Biodiversity in Protected Areas – REDLAC                                                      2012

§  Fundraising Strategies for Environmental Funds – RedLAC                                                              2011

§  Environmental Funds Tool Kit – Conservation Finance Alliance                                                        2010

§  Conservation Partnership Resource Center – TNC                                                                           2010

§  Hiring and Retention Guides – TNC                                                                                                   2000

§  Rumbo al éxito on board development, Co-author TNC                                                                 1997

§  Resources for Success for conservation nonprofits, Editor TNC                                                    1993

§  Evaluación ecológica rápida (Rapid Ecological Assessment),  Co-authorTNC                             1992