Facilitating exceptional conservation results

Graphic Facilitation 

I use large graphic templates to facilitate retreats that enable groups to visualize major goals and agreements. The visuals help groups to stay focused and engage non-native speakers who can more easily understand  the exercise given that there are often different levels of language fluency in the room, whether I am facilitating in English, Spanish or Portuguese. The worst case scenario in facilitated meetings are multiple flip charts filled with words, words words, with no clear priorities.  Aligning Visions'  graphic templates ensure greater focus and clarity on the emerging group consensus.

Paquita, you were an excellent communicator and facilitator for our meeting on regional governance structures.  You got us involved from the beginning – we never had time to sit back.  The workshop was excellent and I can tell you put all of your energy into it.  You wrung us dry with the many exercises and challenges, but upon reflection I can see how much we learned.  Your name alone is a door to new learning and adventure for me.

Josefina Gómez, Planning Director, MARENA, Dominican Republic

I use very large graphic charts to help keep the group focused on one key theme at a time!

Paquita's facilitation style is highly focused but also creative and fun, resulting in a stimulating, structured but flexible retreat with practical outcomes. Paquita’s ability to stay one step ahead of the conversation is always awe-inspiring, and she handles the most complex topics with apparent ease.  
Olivia Millard, Director Global Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy

I participated in a training workshop facilitated by Paquita Bath in Dar es Salaam for 10 African Environmental Funds from throughout the continent. Her facilitation methods were great - engaging all of us and summarizing key points on her huge wall charts. Her passion for helping environmental funds be successful helped motivate us to consider new strategies and apply new ideas to our own situations.  
Charity Bwiza, Programme Manager, Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust, Uganda