Facilitating exceptional conservation results


Word of mouth referrals drive new clients to Aligning Visions. Clients have been very satisfied with the high quality of my facilitation services, team-building processes, and well-written and implementable conservation planning and program assessment products.  I look forward to partnering with you, and will ensure we have fun as well!


A representative sample of recent clients include:                                                                                   

  • MAR FUND - a 5 Year Strategic Plan facilitating meetings with both staff and Board.  2018
  • WWF Zambia - work on specific program goals for the Wildlife Programme.  2018
  • Caribbean-Pacific Environmental Fund Alliance.  A Comparative case study and facilitated training program around governance best practices in regional institutions, 2017
  • National Geographic and the International Community Foundation to facilitate coordination between multiple partners working on Mexican cenotes, 2017
  • Organizational establishment and planning for MigraMar, 2016.
  • Strategic planning for the 2016-2019 period for RedLAC with a meeting of the Executive Committee in Panama. 2015
  • Workshop on Governance and agreements on bylaws changes for MAR Fund.  2015
  • Provide governance, fundraising and strategic planning workshops and follow-up coaching for independent Audubon chapters throughout California. 2014-2016
  • Develop and facilitate a workshop on evaluation tools for FUNBIO staff as part of their accreditation process with the Global Environment Facility.  Brazil, 2014 
  • Evaluate the Forever Costa Rica Trust and provide insights on their accomplishments to date and recommendations for next steps. 2014
  • Develop recommendations for institutionalization of innovative sister organizations Upper Amazon Conservancy and ProPurús in their efforts to protect the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon headwaters.  Peru, 2014
  • Review of a very large commitment grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to Conservation International as part of the Michael P. Wells and Associates team. Andes, 2013-2014
  • Assess the effectiveness of a climate change resiliency program in Belize and make recommendations for ongoing work with local communities along the Mesoamerican Reef as well as national policy work.  The program was funded by the Worldwide Fund for Nature, UK.  Belize,  2012
  • Evaluate the freshwater climate change adaptation work of World Wildlife Fund US across four global river basins and develop recommendations for improving their ability to manage climate-smart programs across their international network. 2012
  • Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program.  Coach generations of cohorts from four countries to implement innovative projects that contribute to the ecological health and sustainability of the Mesoamerican Reef  and local communities.  Mexico, Beiize, Guatemala and Honduras, 2011 and 2012
  • Coordinated a strategic planning process for 4 conservation organizations (WWF, TNC, Foundations of Success, and Greening Australia) to increase the global use of a shared conservation planning methodology, the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.  2008

Additional information is available in Paquita's résumé and references or contact Paquita@aligningvisions.com or call 530 214 0565.

Working with great clients is a total joy!