Facilitating exceptional conservation results
Facilitated Retreats and Workshops  

Supporting big picture visioning to detailed annual planning, I use many facilitation tools to engage groups in reflecting on their current reality and preferred future. Aligning Visions moves beyond traditional brainstorming to focus on best options, provide case studies and examples from similar organizations, and get the group to focus on their priorities. I use both graphic charts and dynamic exercises to help participants reflect on diverse perspectives and consider needed inputs. These tools vary the rhythm and energy of the group to keep meetings energized and focused.

When we needed to refocus the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program, Paquita Bath was contracted for her facilitation skills, in-depth knowledge of conservation themes, and comfort using the results chain methodology. The result of our retreat was a concise work plan with a clear well-developed set of strategies, benchmarks, and measurable impacts. Paquita is very professional, agreeable, and high energy. She brought great clarity of thought and patience to the facilitation process. I’m delighted to have worked with her and happy to have a new friend. 

María Eugenia Arreola, Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program, Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza

Paquita has done a fabulous job in helping the Coral Triangle Center to move forward on strategic planning and institutional development during this critical phase of transition to an independent regional training and learning center based in Indonesia. Her inspiration, energy, strategic advice and commitment have been absolutely instrumental in getting the Coral Triangle Center up and running. 

Rili Djohani, Executive Director, Coral Triangle Center

Working with groups to encourage big picture thinking is extremely exciting. Using “world café” (see www.theworldcafe.com) style approaches and engaging individuals in identifying similarities, unifying themes, and intriguing differences in their visions, helps groups develop new possibilities for their future.

Paquita Bath did an exemplary job leading our stewardship messaging workshop of high level Lake Tahoe region agencies and stakeholders.  The consensus was that we are definitely in need of a strong, well-articulated, community conservation ethic that becomes part of the fabric of living in and visiting the Tahoe Basin. Under Paquita’s personable and professional facilitation, we are one step closer to being there.

Kristi Boosman, Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee Member, Officer for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency