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All groups need to plan for programmatic outcomes, multi-year strategic initiatives, and fiscal health.  I LOVE working with groups and facilitating meetings to reach clear outcomes.  The vast majority of my facilitation work is to help teams plan. I facilitate group processes for both long-term visions and actionable next steps and have documented much of my experience in Participatory Strategic Planning: A How-To Guide and other tools shared with clients.

Aligning Visions works with staff and board members to set up team processes to get needed inputs, set clear goals, design the operational work plans to reach those goals, and establish clear measures for accountability. Based on your needs, the approach can include virtual meetings, regular weekly phone check-ins, workshops, surveys, interviews, retreats, and/or field work. The ultimate result is YOUR plan with strong buy-in and commitment from energized staff and volunteers ready to launch into implementation. I am also a certified coach with the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, helping organizations carefully assess conservation targets, key threats, and high-impact strategies.

Dear Paquita, It is with enormous excitement that I receive the final strategic plan for WWF Mexico. You know what this means for our organization and all of us that are so invested in transforming it in the right direction. A new start down a new exciting road, with a new view of each other, with a more united team and with the right level of ambition that the challenge requires. And, needless to say, you have been key in helping us reach this point. It has been a pleasure working with you and counting you among us as a WWF Mexico member! As we move forward have no doubt we will be knocking on your door!

Jorge Rickards G., General Director, WWF México

Paquita was a superb facilitator in helping BirdsCaribbean create a new strategic plan. With thirteen Board members from various Caribbean countries, Paquita was full of energy and ideas to keep us focused.  She is extremely knowledgeable and has obvious expertise in the field of strategic planning. Her well prepared programme of discussions, break-out groups and group presentations, including "tough love" when needed kept us fully engaged and motivated.

Howard Nelson, President, BirdsCaribbean

I have had the pleasure of working with Paquita on a number of occasions and from the perspective of different organizations.  All of her work products – from the early planning through the final documents – have been high quality.  She is a wonderful facilitator, guiding processes and discussions to concrete agreements wherein everyone feels comfortable.  I think one of her best qualities is that she can distill participant inputs into useful products that allow organizations to move forward, whether for a strategic plan, a work plan or in managing the delicate balance needed for governance decisions.

 María José González, Executive Director, MAR Fund

Whether it is a long-term strategic plan or a focused annual work plan, Aligning Visions provides options for how to approach the planning process so that you can choose what tools, or combination of tools, will work best for your organization.  Aligning Visions will work with you to get the inputs you need through Strategic Analysis, develop tailored Facilitated Retreats to envision your future, use Graphic Facilitation tools to keep stakeholders engaged, and write compelling plans based on your vision.   

Contact Aligning Visions to discuss planning approaches that will energize your organization and advance your goals:  

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