Facilitating exceptional conservation results

Résumé in downloadable format

I founded Aligning Visions to use my skills in facilitation, participatory evaluation, and training, to build the organizational capacity and effectiveness of conservation organizations around the world.  Recent projects include:


£  World Wildlife Fund Mexico Strategic Plan, 2018-2022;

£  Congreso Internacional del Gran Aquífero Maya 2017 (Mexico);

£  RedLAC Strategic Plan 2016-2019 (Latin America and the Caribbean);

 £  World Wildlife Fund Guianas Strategic Plan; ;

 £  MigraMar Organizational Set up and Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (workshops in Panama and Ecuador);

£  The Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (Mexico);

£  Audubon California (USA);

£  Birds Caribbean (Grenada);


£  Fundraising techniques for Audubon Chapters – Audubon California

£   Best practices in Regional Governance for the Caribbean-Pacific Environmental Fund Alliance 

£  Program Evaluation Methodologies for GEF Accreditation – FUNBIO, Brazil

£  Governance and Launching a new NGO – Coral Triangle Center, Indonesia

£  Designing Impactful Conservation Projects – MAR Leadership Program, Mexico

In many cases the learning from the clients and research for the training programs result in “how-to” style manuals such as: 1) Recruiting High-Voltage Boards (Audubon California); 2) Fundraising Strategies for Environmental Funds (RedLAC); and 3) MAR Leadership:  Resource Manual for Impactful Project Design  (FMCN).  See Publications below for additional manuals


I lead independent project evaluations of conservation programs for donors and nonprofits.    Evaluations are highly participatory, build in staff, board and partner discussions for how to improve performance, and incorporate recommendations for future strategies.  Examples include:

£  The Forever Costa Rica Trust (FCRT and the 3 private donors);

£  Team member with Michael P. Wells for final evaluation of a $395 million grant to Conservation International  (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation);

£  The Brazilian Amazon Regional Protected Areas Program (FUNBIO and GEF);

£  The Mexican Natural Protected Area System (SINAP 2 with FMCN and GEF);

£  USAID Tropical Forest Conservation Act Program in Guatemala (USAID); and

£  Climate Change Resiliency on the Mesoamerican Reef (WWF-UK).


  • Stanford Graduate Business School, Executive Education Program 2000
  • M.S. California Polytechnic State U., International Agricultural Development 1986
  • B.S. Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service 1980

The Nature Conservancy

Senior Director, Staff Development and Recruiting                                                2000-2002

Co-directed Human Resources for a 3,400 person high-growth international organization.

  • Launched leadership development and executive education programs.  Ensured sustainability through a $4.5 million endowment.
  • Built an organization-wide recruiting function.  Used competency-based hiring, values-based advertising, and web tools to attract over 600 new employees a year.

Director, Conservation Learning Network                                                                1997-2000

Developed organization-wide conservation training priorities for staff, trustees, and partner organizations including orientation program for over 400 new employees a year, thematic conferences, and strategic workshops linked to new conservation approaches. Partnered with universities and other experts to develop tailored workshops and enhance knowledge-sharing tools. 

Director of Training, Latin America and Caribbean                                                  1992-1997

Built and managed a 10-person team to strengthen the institutional capacity of over 20 Latin American partner organizations implementing Parks in Peril – an international program dedicated to turning “paper parks” into well-managed conservation units. We implemented organizational assessments, leadership training, capacity-building interventions, networking events such as the 400+ person Conservation Training Week bringing in practitioners from over 22 countries, and documented best practices.

  • Provided one-on-one mentoring, facilitation, and training in conservation strategies, board development, strategic planning, participatory rural appraisal, gender in natural resource management, management, and fundraising.
  • Raised over $2 million in operating and program funds. 
  • Lead author of two books dedicated to the evolution of civic society in Latin America:
    o Resources for Success for nonprofit organizations (English, Spanish and Portuguese)
    o Rumbo al éxito for Boards of Directors (available in Spanish)

Training Coordinator, Science Division                                                                     1991-1992

Co-authored the book Rapid Ecological Assessment (Eng. and Spn.) – a breakthrough strategy for rapidly evaluating tropical landscapes for biodiversity values in situations where biological data is scarce to enable more timely conservation decisions. Provided follow-up training programs throughout Latin America.

Other International Employment 

Director, Latin American Programs, OEF International                                     1988-1991

  • Managed USAID funded micro-enterprise credit and training programs for low-income Central American rural women.  Worked with local staff to institutionalize these one-time projects into 3 Central American micro-enterprise organizations. Now over 20 years old, they have served thousands of rural women.

Consultant, Inter-American Foundation, Guatemala                                        1987–1988

  • Evaluated and documented rural women's economic development projects.
  • Thesis on "Gender Issues in Agricultural Extension in Central America"


  • Governance in Regional Conservation Finance Platforms:  A Comparative Case Study 2017
  • Resource Manual for Impactful Conservation Project Design - MAR Leadership, FMCN               2017
  • Chapter Fundraising:  A How-to-Guide - Audubon California 2016
  • Recruiting High Voltage Boards - Audubon California 2015
  • Participatory Strategic Planning: A How-To Guide. Aligning Visions                                                2013
  • Monitoring the Impact of Environmental Fund Projects on Biodiversity Conservation
  • in Protected Areas - Co-author, RedLAC                                                                                         2013
  • Meaningful Nonprofit Boards:  A How-To Guide.   Aligning Visions                                                  2013
  • Fundraising Strategies for Environmental Funds - RedLAC                                                             2011
  • Environmental Funds Tool Kit - Conservation Finance Alliance                                                       2010
  • Conservation Partnerships Resource Center, The Nature Conservancy                                           2010
  • Building Vibrant Sierra Communities:  A Commercial and Mixed-Use Handbook, SBC                   2005
  • Hiring and Retention Guides, The Nature Conservancy                                                                   2000
  • Rumbo al éxito on board development,Co-author,TNC                                                                    1997
  • Resources for Success for conservation nonprofits, Editor, TNC                                                     1993
  • Evaluación ecológica rápida, Co-author, TNC                                                                                  1992


  • English Native tongue
  • Spanish Excellent, over 9 years living in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Portuguese Very Good, facilitate workshops and manage international teams.


  • Dual National - Great Britain and the United States.
  • Permanent Resident - Panama

Recent Volunteer Commitments

  • Chair, Governance Committee, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation 2010-2015
  • Board, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. 2009-2015