Facilitating exceptional conservation results


Welcome to Aligning Visions, a private consulting firm managed by Paquita Bath, that builds the capacity of conservation organizations to achieve exceptional results around the globe.  Since 2005, Aligning Visions has  worked on many critical global conservation issues with committed and highly successful clients.  Clients have generously shared their learning and strategies, collaborated to create high-energy, fun, and participatory team interactions, and repeatedly recommended Aligning Visions to others.  I am energized, ever hopeful about our ability to make positive changes for our environment, and  totally dedicated to the success of my clients — nonprofits, governments, donors, and communities committed to ecosystem conservation for biodiversity and for people!  

I have 27 years of experience advancing ecosystem conservation through facilitated planning processes, program assessments, and nonprofit capacity building.  Assessments, business plans, and strategic meetings that engage board, staff, and community members in reaching clear and energizing decisions, actively build team work and confidence while advancing results-based conservation. With my strong background in environmental issues, I quickly grasp the key themes that your organization is tackling and can work with you to craft a vision for greater effectiveness.
Building staff and board buy-in for a clear strategic direction is a critical investment that will enable you to implement the strategy with dedication and inspiration.  I will work with you to facilitate and design planstraining and capacity building programs, and program evaluations that fit your organization’s culture and goals. 

I am passionate about helping organizations advance conservation to benefit biodiversity and local people, while engendering strong relationships, energetic participation, and measurable results.  I am based in Panama and fly as needed to work with clients.  I look forward to working with you.

Paquita Bath, Founder of Aligning Visions