Leadership Development

The importance of passing the torch to upcoming staff in established organizations, to new board members on a continual basis, and to new segments of society in areas where leadership is desperately needed, cannot be overstated.  I invest in leadership development and coaching with all of my clients.  Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of coaching the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Fellows.   The majority of these fellows are under 30, and are launching innovative conservation projects  that showcase new, more sustainable approaches, for fisheries, tourism, and protected area management.

I also coach staff in client organizations on founding new nonprofits, facilitating results-oriented meetings, and project management. Aligning Visions is committed to bringing the best information and a range of approaches to cultivate leaders within organizations or in key ecoregions.  While my approach continues to evolve, based on the successes of my clients and feedback from entrepreneurial leaders, I draw heavily on the training I have received from the following programs:

  • Conservation Action Planning Coach Training, The Nature Conservancy
  • Developing Successful Executives, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Sierra Leadership Seminar, Sierra Business Council
  • Human Resource Executive Program, Stanford Business School
  • Strengthening Boards of Directors, Board Source


A 2014-2017 program with Audubon California invested in the leadership and capacity of board members and Executive Directors in independent Audubon chapters throughout the state.  

Transforming our relationship with the 48 grassroots chapters of Audubon in California is a priority for our organization. A key piece of that has been offering a capacity- building program led by Paquita. She did an outstanding job from conception to implementation and we met or exceeded all of our goals in the first year of a two-year program. Our chapter leaders accepted her as one of our own, and her people skills are extraordinary, a key component. Not only strategic, experienced and results-oriented, but Paquita is fun to work with.

Garry George, Chapter Network Director, Audubon California. 

We could not have accomplished what we have in these months without the structure and support your project provided.

Marilyn Waits, Redbud Audubon.

Your teaching and dedication has helped us in many parts of our lives, not only on the professional level. Thanks for everything.

Giacomo Palvicini, Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Fellow

I am aware of how much I have improved, in both work and personal situations, thanks to the great training programs you have prepared. I am more self aware and have found the cause that I want to dedicate myself to in gratitude for my life and my time here on this beautiful planet Earth. I am much more sure of my path, and that it is of value, and that we can all help build the new change agents of the future.

Cleopatra Mendez, Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Fellow

Working with you to design the Coastal Resilience Leaders Meeting agenda was a terrific experience! Thank you for coaching me through designing the agenda and the structure of the meeting. Through the activities you helped to develop, our Coastal Resilience leaders generated many great ideas that we will move forward and participant energy remained high throughout the two-day meeting. Thank you again for all of your help and support. It really made all the difference in the meeting and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Shawn Margles, Coastal and Marine Planner, The Nature Conservancy