Word of mouth referrals drive new clients to Aligning Visions. Clients are very satisfied with the high quality of my facilitation services, team-building processes, and well-written and feasible conservation planning and program assessment products.  

With Conservation Trust Funds and the GEF in 2024

A representative sample of recent clients include:

  • Andes Amazon Fund and Bobolink Foundation – support the institutional strengthening of 11 subnational NGOs dedicated to helping title indigenous lands and work with municipal and provincial governments to create subnational protected areas along the slope of the Andes Amazon.
  • RedLAC – worked with Conservation Trust Funds to develop a presentation and paper on the history of CTFs and the Global Environment Facility.
  • Enduring Earth partners WWF and TNC hired me to do feasibility studies for Project Finance for Permanence Initiatives in Belize, Ecuador, Cerrado and Pantanal of Brazil, Yucatan state in Mexico, Mongolia, and Fiji.
  • Conservation Finance Alliance — partnered with Wolfs Company to write a 10-Year Review of Conservation Trust Funds and update the Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds 2020.
  • Independent Evaluation of the Tropical Forest Conservation Act Agreement in Paraguay (Fondo de Conservación de Bosques Tropicales) based on a debt-swap agreement between the USA and Paraguay. 2019. 
  • Nature and Culture International — develop a Strategic Plan with staff and Board and build staff skills for program design and monitoring for program impact. 2019. 
  • RedLAC — write a Strategic Plan 2020-2023 for the Latin American Network of Environmental Funds with the full engagement of the Executive Committee. 2019.
  • PACÍFICO and MigraMar — develop a Memorandum of Understanding to support their partnership.  2018.
  • SAM Fund— engage both staff and board members for a 5-Year Strategic Plan.  2018.
  • WWF Zambia — establish specific program goals for the Wildlife Programme.  2018.
  • Fundación Natura Panamá — develop a training program for staff and partners in effective conservation program design.  2018

A few of my many other clients over the years include: