Welcome to Aligning Visions

Aligning Visions is a private consulting firm, managed by Paquita Bath, that builds the capacity of conservation organizations to achieve exceptional results around the globe. Since 2022 I have worked extensively on Project Finance for Permanence initiatives around the world with key partners in Enduring Earth. I also continue to work with many Conservation Trust Funds and in 2024 with an Institutional Strengthening program for subnational NGOs on the incredibly biodiverse Andes Amazon region.

In the tumultuous Covid-19 period when travel and personal contact was limited, I continued to share my expertise to help clients with evaluations, strategic plans, fundraising, and capacity building. In 2020, I co-authored two books for the Conservation Finance Alliance, accelerated virtual coaching and training programs, and supported clients in their planning efforts. 

Aligning Visions works on critical global conservation issues with committed and highly successful clients.  Since 2005, clients have generously shared their learning and strategies, collaborated to create high-energy, fun, and participatory team interactions, and repeatedly recommended Aligning Visions to others.  As the founder of Aligning Visions, I am energized, ever hopeful about our ability to make positive changes for our environment, and totally dedicated to the success of my clients — nonprofits, governments, donors, and communities committed to ecosystem conservation for biodiversity and for people!

Facilitating a MAR Leadership session